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Who drafted the Post-Construction Controls Ordinance?

The North Carolina Institute of Government provided a broad framework for this ordinance.  These general guidelines were then customized to reflect local conditions and meet local needs during an 18-month Stakeholder process.  

The Stakeholders Group was made up of Mecklenburg County citizens, commercial and single-family land developers, environmental experts, Professional Engineers, and other community leaders.  The group discussed and ultimately agreed upon the language of the ordinance for consideration by elected officials and staff of the County and the seven local municipalities.

Stakeholders meet

Citizen Members of the Stakeholder Committee:

Dale Stewart, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
Mark Loflin, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission
Tim Mead and Amy Ringwood (alternate), Charlotte property owner
John McLaughlin and Steven S. Wilson (alternate), Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Advisory Committee
Rich Keagy and Dan Latta (alternate), Home Builders Association
Dan Duval and Edna Chirico (alternate), Marine Commissions
Rusty Rozzelle, Mecklenburg County and Towns
Tim Bahr and Curtis Trenkelbach (alternate), NAIOP/ Commercial Board of Realtors
Phil Visser, Northern Towns
Chuck DiLullo, Southern Towns
Mark Cramer and Chris Micci (alternate), Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (REBIC)
Rick Roti, Sierra Club
Roy Alexander and Paul DuPont, Storm Water Advisory Commission
Marc Houle, Subdivision Steering Committee
Jim Bowen, UNC-Charlotte 

Staff members of Stakeholders Committee:

Mike Parker, NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Mark Fowlkes, NC Wildlife Resources Commission
Wayne Harden, SC Department of Health and Environmental Control
Denise Moldenhauer, US Fish and Wildlife Services

Numerous City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Staff