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Proposed Revisions to the City Post-Construction Controls Ordinance
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The City's Post-Construction Controls Ordinance (PCCO) has been in effect since July 1, 2008. During implementation of the ordinance, staff has identified some revisions to provide more flexibility, to reflect recent changes in the City's Tree Ordinance, and to address housekeeping issues. Key changes are: 

  • Remove the applicability of natural area (tree) requirements. The tree save area now required in the revised Tree Ordinance has removed the need for the City's PCCO to have similar requirements.
  • Allow more sites to be considered for a mitigation fee option for redevelopment. This temporary change recognized the current economic environment as a pilot to see if the additional flexibility helps redevelopment projects to occur.
  • Add language to coordinate with State-required 30- foot buffers on some sites.
  • Make a housekeeping change to remove references to County watersheds not within our jurisdiction.   

See the proposed changes to the ordinance.

See a summary of the proposed changes.

See the questions/comments for the proposed changes.

On June 23, 2011 a presentation was made to several interested stakeholder groups. See the sign-in sheet for a list of attendees.

For more information about the City's Post-Construction Controls Ordinance, please contact:

PCSO Administrator