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Videos and Publications
Brochures and Publications 

   • Summary of what Storm Water Services does   
   • ​Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report - City of Charlotte’s Performance & Accomplishments​   
   • Understanding your City-County Water Services (illustrated guide to Charlotte-Mecklenburg's drinking water, wastewater and storm water systems) 
   • Photo Book of Storm Water Features   
   • Storm Water Services 10-year Anniversary Booklet

    Floodplains and Flood Safety ​​
    • Flood Safety brochure 
    • Turn Around, Don't Drown brochure 
    • Floodplain Buyout Program​
    • Flood Insurance Brochure
    • Flood Insurance How-To Guide
    • Newsletter for floodplain property owners

    Pollution Prevention
    • Natural Creek Occurrences/Conditions
    • Pollution Prevention fact sheet
    • Protecting Water Quality in Charlotte-Mecklenburg's Three Lakes
    • Yard Care fact sheet
    • Citizen's Guide to Pollution Prevention
    • Water Quality Buffer Requirements
    • How Storm Water Services measures water quality in local streams (video)



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