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Big Sweep 2014
  Big Sweep 2014


Thanks to our Big Sweep volunteers, Mother Nature lost 20,000 pounds on September 27, 2014 and looks much cleaner!

More than 500 volunteers pulled 10 tons of trash and recyclables from local creeks and shorelines during the annual cleanup.

Bottles, cans and other recyclables collected during Big Sweep were taken to recycling centers. In addition, 631 bags of trash were pulled from waterways by volunteers, along with:

  • 63 tires
  • ​a washing machine
  • a typewriter
  • large pieces of carpet
  • a couch and mattress
  • children's underpants
  • a bounce house
  • a handgun​

The gun, which was found by an 11 year old girl at the Irwin Creek Greenway location, was given to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police. Officers immediately came to the scene to secure the gun and safely remove it.

See the video of Big Sweep 2014​

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See photos of Big Sweep 2014​

Visit our Water Watchers Facebook page to see pictures of the event. Feel free to add your own!

Can’t participate, but want to get involved? Visit the NC Big Sweep Website to learn how to become a member.

What's it like to take part in Big Sweep? 
Watch this CPCC Video

More information about Big Sweep:

Deania Russo
Environmental Specialist
(704) 336-5463​