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Where's Stormy
Search for Stormy while learning to prevent pollution....

Starting in March, and every 2nd Monday through May, Stormy the Turtle will be all over the Charlotte area trying to prevent pollution from getting into the streams and lakes he lives in. 

When you receive an email with a link showing Stormy at a location in Charlotte-Mecklenburg where storm water pollution has occurred, submit your guess of Stormy’s location.

If you guess correctly, you’ll be entered to win one of 2 great prizes each month (2 for City employees and 2 for County employees).  Think you know Charlotte-Mecklenburg geography and landmarks pretty well…we’ll see! 

With each month’s picture you’ll also receive information about the storm water pollution report that Stormy is tracking and important tips about how you can prevent pollution and get involved.

Check back here periodically to see all of the latest pictures, correct answers to Stormy’s location, and important information and tips about preventing and reporting storm water pollution.  In the meantime, please check out this page on Storm Water Services' website.

Prizes available to City employees:
1st prizes – two $60 Target gift cards, one $60 Harris Teeter gift card
2nd prizes – two $40 Auto Bell gift cards, one $40 Showmars gift card

Prizes available to County employees:
Autobell Car Wash tickets
60-gallon rain barrel
Charlotte Knights tickets
Digital weather station

​Date​Clue to Find StormyAns​wer​​Contest Winners
​March 2015​​​​
UNC Charlotte
(Norm the Miner’s
gold pan)

Reed Atkinson (City)
Solomon Fortune (City)
Julia Banks​ (County)
Lynn Lathan (County)

April 2015StormyApril.jpgCharlotte Douglas International Airport overlook
Serina Heller (City)
Tina Adams (City)
Tonderai Mushipe (County)
​​Qiana Anthony (County)

May 2015Romare Bearden Park
Kelly Bailey (City) 
Jeannine Crump-Singleton (City)​
Stephanie Comi (County)
Jonise Hall (County)


Looking for Stormy's Guide to Storm Water?

​City and County employees are a vital part of Storm Water Services’ program to prevent pollution and clean up our waterways.  Together we number over 11,000 – that’s a lot of eyes on the ground!  You can be a big help by becoming a Water Watcher.  What does that mean?  It means becoming more aware about storm water pollution and how it happens, and then reporting it when you see something wrong.

Click on the app image to learn more about becoming a Water Watcher and how to download the app to your smart phone.